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Paying with BTC:

Once you have submitted an order and set it to pay with Bitcoin, wait for your unique wallet address to be sent. The address will be new every time. Please do not reuse addresses (sending coins to the address you used for a previous order.) 

Once you receive your address for the current order, use any converter to determine the amount of BTC to send. 

Concerning transaction fees, it is ok to take them out of the total of your order. Set the fees to medium otherwise the coins can get stuck for days, sometimes weeks if the Blockchain is busy. If the transaction has not broadcast, there is no way for us to confirm that you have sent the BTC through. 

The quickest way to get your order processed is to send screenshots of the transactions, this is a requirement for doing BTC transactions. This will make the difference between your order going out same day or being held until the transaction is confirmed.


1: Wait for unique address for each new order, do not reuse old addresses.

2: Use a converter, if you are having trouble finding one, there is one located here

3: Set fees to medium, it is ok to take that out of our payment. This step is the most important. If you do not do this, your transaction can get stuck for days or weeks.

4:  Please make sure you understand how crypto works before attempting to pay with it.

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